No News Today: 24/7 Fatigue and the Welcome Gaps in Reporting Storylines.

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Rickett, C., & Joseph, S. (2014). No news today: 24/7 fatigue and the welcome gaps in reporting storylines. In G. Pittaway, & L. Smithies (Eds.), Minding the gap: Writing across threshold and fault lines. Paper presented at the Australasian Association of Writing Programs, Massey University, Wellington, 30 November ‐2 December (pp. 1-16). Guyra, Australia: Australasian Association of Writing Programs.

ISBN: 9780980757385

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Obviously, media convergence and the 24-hour news cycle have crossed these containment lines to produce boundless data—we deliberately employ the word data here as opposed to the mediation of meaningful information that is often sacrificed in the commodification and commercialisation of news as product.

The more traditional editorial practice used to determine whether a storyline constitutes ‘news’ involves a mapping to at least one or more standard news values. These now often run second to the pressing agenda of media entities needing to present something, or anything, continuously to the public.


Used by permission: Australasian Association of Writing Programs