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Morris, R. (2015). Channel [Enamel and butyl rubber on plywood]. ASW Art Systems Wickham, Newcastle, Australia.


The painting Channel - enamel and butyl rubber on plywood 36cm x 32cm in the exhibition Richard Morris Paintings 2015 exhibited at ASW Art Systems Wickham, Newcastle., was formed by deconstructing pre-painted panels, into narrow rectilinear units, which have been re-assembled into a horizontally stacked rectilinear configuration. By utilising a strictly horizontal assembly or ‘stack’ of painted ‘splinters’ of plywood, each with distinct variation in both colour and texture, the work entails a type of stratification, suggestive of a landscape ‘field.’ Such notions can be seen to stem from a similar structuring configuration in the horizontal bands of earth, water and sky which typify a conventional observation of the physical landscape.

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