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Collis, A., Morris, R., & Watson-Trudgett, M. (2015). Understory [Oil and acrylic on canvas]. Gosford Regional Art Gallery, Gosford, Australia.


The work ‘Understory’ investigates the notion of ‘Land’ as seen through the eyes of one Indigenous and two non-Indigenous artists. The work fuses two distinct approaches to Landscape painting traditionally at odds with one another. The first of these is the traditional Aboriginal ‘Dot’ painting technique, and the second encompasses the more Euro-centric approach of ‘En Plein air’ and ‘Allaprima’ painting. ‘Understory’ fuses these disparate approaches to landscape painting, in such a way that no hierarchy of styles prevails. Here the notion of Reconciliation becomes quite literally embedded in the physicality of the work, whereby, culturally and historically different approaches to landscape painting can be seen to demonstrate a unique aesthetic indebted to a reconciliation of both Western, and Indigenous styles.


Used with permission of the authors / artists.