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Morris, R. (2014). Nooma [Wood sculpture]. Joanne Felk Gallery, Cooranbong, Australia.


Breath is a group exhibition of works by Adventist artists in Australia. Nooma, which I exhibited in the exhibition, is a wall oriented assemblage which has a semi-functional role as a piece of wall furniture. The essence of assemblage is the combination or amalgamation of found objects into a three-dimensional sculptural totality. Such found objects could include shoes, scraps of wood, furniture, sporting equipment, or for that matter, just about any inanimate item that already exists. By contrast, Collage can be seen as a two-dimensional variation on the principle of assemblage, with the primary difference being that Collage does not rely upon depth, as it exists in the third dimension, to the extent that Assemblage does. Nooma is from a body of work which blurs this boundry, exhibiting on the one hand a distinct matrix of de-constructed found objects, while being displayed on a wall which is typically reserved for more two-dimensional works.

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