Using the Internet to Support International Collaborations for Global Geography Education

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This paper reports the results of a pilot study that evaluated a prototype instructional module designed to support international collaborative learning in the World Wide Web. The module, Migration, was tested at four higher education institutions in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Students valued the opportunity to learn global geography by collaborating electronically in multinational teams, yet many students complained about confusing instructional procedures and uncooperative team members. The results of the module evaluation provide useful suggestions for managing pedagogical issues related to the process of online international collaborative learning.


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Solem, M., Bell, S., Fournier, E., Gillespie, C., Lewitsky, M., & Lockton, H. (2003). Using the internet to support international collaborations for global geography education. Journal of Geography in Higher Education, 27(3), 239–253. doi:10.1080/0309826032000145034