Spectrums and Spaces of Writing

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Fitzsimmons, P. Charalambous, Z. & Wiesner, S. (2013). Spectrums and Spaces of Writing. In P. Fitzsimmons, Z. Charalambous, & Z. Wiesner (Eds.), Spectrums and Spaces of Writing (pp.vii-xi). Oxford, Great Britain: Interdiscipinary Press.

ISBN: 978-1-84888-170-9

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The chapters in this book had their genesis in the ‘First Global Conference on ‘Writing: Paradigms, Poetics and Praxes.’ However, in line with what we now know about how the brain works, and what we have known about the writing process for some time, the following chapters represent an added depth of meaning as a result of the process of ‘incubation.’ Since the actual conference each author has had time and opportunity to develop a more refined set of reflections regarding the issues that each believe are the critical concepts of writing that each discipline faces as we enter the second decade of the twenty-first century. This ‘incubatory curing’ and subsequent ‘curating’ of this volume is revolutionary in many ways as it crystallises the concept of writing through the multiple lenses of an interdisciplinary perspective perhaps for the first time. The research in this area has either become the ‘poor cousin’ in its related area of literacy development, or has tended to be framed within the silos of discreet discipline frameworks.


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