Comics/Graphic Novels/Bandes Dessinees and the Representation of the Great War

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Fitzsimmons, P. & Reynaud, D. (2014). Comics/graphic novels/bandes dessinees and the representation of the great war. In M. Loschnigg & M. Sokolowska-Paryz (Eds.), The Great War in post-memory literature and film (pp. 187-200). Berlin, Germany: De Gruyter.

ISBN: 9783110362909

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This chapter explores the representation of the Great War in popular graphic novels, comparing and contrasting the representation of three texts: The Forgotten Five, a story in a popular British boys’ comic series, L’Ambulance 13, a four-volume French story of an Ambulance officer, and C’etait la guerre des tranchees, the work of noted cartoonist Jacques Tardi. The representations vary from heroic simplicity to complex characters to an immersion in the abject.


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