Connectivity and Text: Finding Self Through the Use of Graphic Novels

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Fitzsimmons, P. (2014). Connectivity and text: Finding self through the use of graphic novels. In E. Lanphar & P. Fitzsimmons (Eds.), Connectivity across borders, boundaries and bodies: International and interdisciplinary perspectives (pp. 71-80). Oxford, England: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

ISBN: 978-1-84888-266-9


130399 Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified


This chapter discusses a project that sought to understand the meaning making processes involved in the reading of graphic novels, as utilized by one cohort of high schools students. While this group were highly articulate in regard to the reading processes they employed, what also emerged were elements of localised ‘habitus’ that were the actual engagement factors of meaning making for these students. At the core of this of this process of connectivity and sense making were the themes of ‘resonance, reflection and reimagining’.


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