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Terrorism has impacted on the ways in which we think about ourselves in relation to the Other. It has forced us to measure and evaluate many of our assumptions and exposed many of our underlying prejudices. As teachers, we have a responsibility to revision our pedagogical frameworks and investigate appropriate means of counteracting prejudice and violence in the light of the changing needs of our times. One of the significant challanges we are faced with today is the growing phenomena of sacralised violence. This paper is interested in our revisiting, exposing and counteracting the embeddded violence in sacred texts.


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Fernandez-Goldborough, J.(2009). Naming ahd Shaming Violence in Sacred Text. In C.Shoniregun & G.Akmayeva (Eds.), London International Conference on Education (LICE-2009). Paper presented at the London International Conference Proceedings 2009, (pp.306-312) .London, UK: Infonomics Society.

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