Educational Beliefs of Higher Education Teachers and Students: Implications for Teacher Education

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This paper begins by acknowledging the established and powerful link between educational beliefs and the teaching and learning practices of teaches and students. Based on this belief-practice connection, the paper documents the findings of a study that investigated the beliefs of a group of higher education teachers and students, most of whom were teaching and learning in a teacher education context. The paper concludes with a set of practical suggestions for university teachers and students involved in teacher education courses. The suggestions have been constructed by considering the messages from past literature and by drawing on the findings of the study reported in this paper. These recommended practical applications are expressed in terms of how they have been applied to a specific teacher education context. [from publisher's website]


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Northcote, M. (2009). Educational beliefs of higher education teachers and students: Implications for teacher education. Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 34(1), 69-81. Available at: http://ro.ecu.edu.au/ajte/vol34/iss3/3

At the time of writing, Dr. Northcote was at the University of Newcastle.