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Kilgour, P., Hinze, J., Petrie, K., Long, W., & deBerg, K. (2015). Role-playing: A smorgasbord of learning types. International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research, 3(1), 11-24. Retrieved from

ISSN: 1839-9053

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One tertiary institution sought to research the perceptions that tertiary students have of role-plays as a means of learning. Role-plays were used across a range of disciplines at that institution including: teacher training, business and chemistry. Each of these disciplines used a role-play in their classes and then collected opinions from the students on the usefulness of the activity. It was discovered that students value role-plays as a means to challenge preconceived ideas, encourage creative thinking, assist students in applying theory to practice, make lessons fun and provide active learning experiences that increase student learning and engagement.


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‘First published in the International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research .

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