Conference Papers from 2016


Environmental Cleaning Research: Participating in the REACH Study, Alison Farrington, Michelle Allen, Lisa Hall, and Brett G. Mitchell

Infection Prevention and Control Staffing, What's the Story?, Brett G. Mitchell

The Effectiveness of Cleaning Bundles - The REACH Study, Brett G. Mitchell


A Point Prevalence Study of Healthcare Associated Urinary Tract Infections in Australian Acute and Aged Care Faciltiies, Brett G. Mitchell, Oyebola Fasugba, Wendy Beckingham, Noleen Bennett, and Anne Gardner


Length of Stay and Mortality Associated with Healthcare-Associated Urinary Tract Infections: A Multistate Model, Brett G. Mitchell, John Ferguson, Malcolm Anderson, Jacqueline Sear, and Adrian G. Barnett

Conference Papers from 2013


The Hospital Environment as a Source of Resistant Gram Negatives, Brett G. Mitchell


Development and Trial of An Environmental Cleaning Assessment Program, Brett G. Mitchell, Fiona Wilson, and Anne Wells


TIPCU Engagement Program in Rural Hospitals and Non-Acute Settings, Anne Wells, Fiona Wilson, and Brett G. Mitchell

Conference Papers from 2012

The Experience of Australian Undergraduate BN Student Nurses Undertaking a Clinical Placement in the Solomon Islands, Sonja Dawson

Conference Papers from 2000

Strategic Planning in Medical Education: Enhancing the Learning Environment for Students in Clinical Settings, Jill Gordon, Clarke Hazlett, Olle Ten Cate, Karen Mann, Sue Kilminster, Katinka Prince, Elizabeth O'Driscoll, Linda Snell, and David Newble