Learning from Ellen White's Perception and Use Of Scripture: Toward An Adventist Hermeneutic For The Twenty-First Century

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Patrick, A. (2014). Learning from Ellen White's perception and use of scripture: Toward and Adventist Hermeneutic for the twenty-first century. In R.Cole & P.Peterson (Eds.), Hermeneutics, intertextuality and the contemporary meaning of scripture (pp.117-139). Hindmarsh, Australia: ATF Press.

ISBN: 978 1 921817 97 7


Ellen White, the most voluminous of all Seventh-day Adventist authors, held a high view of Scripture and used the Bible copiously. Studies of the past three decades have the potential to illumine the way in which White's writings support and inform the current need of the church in Western cultures to enhance its hermeneutic for the biblical canon.


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