Conference Papers from 2016


Intangible and Tangible Heritage in a Cross-cultural Setting: Integrity Versus Profit, John Skrzypaszek


The Time of Crisis and Prophetic Imagination, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 2015


A Search for New Meaning: Virtual Landscapes, Identity and the Cross-Cultural Nature of Intangible Heritage, John Skrzypaszek

Suggestions for a Successful Lifelong English Education Currenlty in Korea, Koot van Wyk and Sook-Young Kim

Conference Papers from 2014


Cultural Heritage: Transformational and Inspiriational Framework for Future Education, John Skrzypaszek


The Flogging of Jesus in the Fourth Gospel, Norman H. Young

Conference Papers from 2013


The Significance of the Place-Historical Narratives in the Context of Spatial Perspective, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 2012


Conversations About God: Does Skills Training Make a Difference?, Lynn Daff

Conference Papers from 2011


Cross-Cultural Sharing of Spirituality, John Skrzypaszek

Conference Papers from 1993

The Biblical Basis for Abstinence From Alcohol, Steven W. Thompson

Conference Papers from 1986

The Seventh-day Adventist Church and Religious Liberty in Australia: 1885-1900, Donald E. Hansen

The Inter-Relationships Between A. G. Daniells and E. G. White During Their Years in Australasia, Milton Hook

Doctrine and Deed: Adventism's Encounter with its Society in Nineteenth-century Australia, Arthur Patrick