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Young, N. H. (1983). 'Hilaskesthai' and related words in the New Testament. Evangelical Quarterly, 55(3), 169-176. Retrieved from


It has become standard practice since the publication of C. H. Dodd'sl magisterial study on (t~) tA.aOKE09at and cognates in the Greek Bible to translate the New Testament occurrences of this word by 'expiation' or some equivalent term or paraphrase. 2 Although the method that Dodd employed in his analysis of the Septuagint's usage of t~tA.aOKE09at has been challenged, 3 his conclusion that 'expiation' and not 'propitiation' is the more accurate translation in the NT for the iA.aOKEo9at word group has been (and remains) widely accepted.


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