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Tasker, D. (2013). Ruach Elohim: The Holy Spirit in the Old Testament. Ministry: International Journal for Pastors, 85(1), 16-19.

ISSN: 0026-5314

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What do the Hebrew Scriptures teach about the Holy Spirit? R. A. Torrey once wrote, “Before one can correctly understand the work of the Holy Spirit, he must first of all know the Spirit himself.” With this admonition in mind, my intention is to glean some insight from the Hebrew Scriptures to understand a little more of the Person of the Holy Spirit. In so doing, I will avoid imposing New Testament structures upon the Hebrew Scriptures, but let them speak for themselves.


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Used by permission: Ministry: International Journal for Pastors

At the time of publication David Tasker was affiliated with Avondale College of Higher Education.

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