Book Chapters from 2017


A Reflection on the Principal Findings of This Study, Rob McIver

Cognitive/Personal Memory, Rob McIver

Flashbulb Memory, Rob McIver

Memory, Persistence and Decay, Rob McIver


Purpose and Mission of Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Australia and the Solomon Islands - Past and Present, Robert McIver


Justice and Equality: Is God Interested?, Ray C. Roennfeldt

Book Chapters from 2016


Online Construction Management Education: A Discipline-Wide Implementation, Willy Sher, Anthony Williams, and Thayaparan Gajendran

Book Chapters from 2015


Women's Ordination: Why Not!?, Ray C. Roennfeldt

The Sydney Sanitarium between the Two World Wars (1920s and 1930s), Gwen M. Wilkinson

Book Chapters from 2014

Our Story as Text, Ray C. Roennfeldt

The Bible as Text, Ray C. Roennfeldt

Trinity: Toward a (Somewhat) Postmodern Perspective, Ray C. Roennfeldt