Conference Papers from 2019


Higher Education Private Provider Quality Network (HEPP-QN) Academic Leadership Statement, Jane Fernandez, K Ardzejewska, and A Haddad

Conference Papers from 2017

Justice and Equality: Is God Interested?, Ray C. Roennfeldt

Conference Papers from 2016


Supporting Construction Management Education: Examining the Impact of Leadership, Management and Staff Development, Willy Sher, Anthony Williams, and Maria T. Northcote

Conference Papers from 2015


Real-World Design Team Activity: What is Poetry for?, Carolyn Rickett and Anthony Williams

Crafting Challenging PBL Problems in Engineering Curricula, Wan H. Wan Muhd Zin, William Sher, and Anthony Williams

Challenges of Introducing PBL in Engineering: Lecturers’ and Students’ Perspectives, Wan H. Wan Muhd Zin, Anthony Williams, and Willy Sher

Conference Papers from 2014

The 'Poetics' of Borders in Amitav Ghosh's Sea of Poppies, Jane L. Fernandez-Goldborough


Compensation for Coal Seam Gas Occupation: Assessing the Harms, Michael Fibbens, Michael Y. Mak, and Anthony Williams

A Semiotic Analysis of Representational Imagery Used in a Collective Design Task, Darin Phare, Ning Gu, and Anthony Williams


Quo Vadis: Doctoral Programs in Private Non-Profit Higher Education? The View From Two Providers, Juhani Tuovinen, Graham Buxton, Stephen Spence, and Anthony Williams


Analogy As a Means of Communicating, Anthony Williams and Carolyn Rickett

Conference Papers from 2013


Coal Seam Gas Extraction: Does Landholder Compensation Match the Mischief?, Michael Fibbens, Michael Y. Mak, and Anthony Williams

Exploring Design Strategy in Parametric Design to Support Creativity, JuHyun Lee, Ning Gu, and Anthony Williams


A Semiotic Framework to Understand How Signs in a Collective Design Task Convey Information: A Pilot Study of Design in an Open Crowd Context, Darin Phare, Ning Gu, Anthony Williams, and Carmel Laughland

Students’ Perceptions of their Initial PBL Experiences in Engineering Education in Malaysia, Wan H. Wan Muhd Zin, Anthony Williams, and Willy Sher


Group-Work: Does It Have to Be That Bad?, Anthony Williams, L Henry, R Tucker, and N Abassi