New Directions in Serials Management - The Experience of One Academic Library

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Clouten, K., & Gane, M. (2003). New directions in serials management - The experience of one academic library. Collection Management, 27(1), 27-39. doi:10.1300/J105v27n01_03


080707 Organisation of Information and Knowledge Resources


The explosive growth of journal literature during the last quarter century, compounded with price inflation and diminishing income, produced a serious crisis for academic libraries. Attempted solutions through multiple journal cancellations, transferring funds from monograph budgets, and devising allocation formulas have served only to anger faculty. A new approach is needed, based on resources management that evaluates and utilizes a range of options now available for accessing and delivering scholarly information. The experience of one library in its struggle with the crisis and its development of a new model for serials management is described.


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