Books from 2018

Advent Brass Band: A Brief History, Milton Hook

On First Looking, Jean Kent, David Musgrave, and Carolyn Rickett

Anzac Spirituality: The First AIF Soldiers Speak, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2016

Testament: Anthology of Romanian Verse, Daniel Ionita, Eva Foster, Daniel Reynaud, and Rochelle Bews

All These Presences, Jean Kent, David Musgrave, and Carolyn Rickett

Books from 2015

The Man the Anzacs Revered: William 'Fighting Mac' McKenzie Anzac Chaplain, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2014


A Way of Happening, Judith Beveridge and Carolyn Rickett

Books from 2013


Hanging Between The Stars, Daniel Ionita, Eva Foster, and Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2012


Here Not There, Judith Beveridge and Carolyn Rickett

Heart of Stone: Justice for Azaria, Michael L. Chamberlain


When God Calls, Expect Adventure, Brad Watson and Lester Hawkes

Books from 2010

The Violin and Romanticism: The Role of the Violin in Expressing the Musical Ideas of the Romantic Period and the Development of Violin Techniques in the Era, Sohyun Eastham


The Second Skin : a Critique of Violence. The Search for Scapegoats in the Fiction of K.S. Maniam, Jane L. Fernandez-Goldborough


Wording the World, Carolyn Rickett and Judith Beveridge

Books from 2009


Diasporas: Critical and Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Jane L. Fernandez-Goldborough

Books from 2008


New Leaves Anthology, Judith Beveridge and Carolyn Rickett

Beyond Ellen White: Seventh-day Adventism in Transition, Michael L. Chamberlain

Books from 2007


Celluloid Anzacs : the Great War Through Australian Cinema, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 2005


The Hero of the Dardanelles and Other World War I Silent Dramas, Daniel Reynaud

Books from 1999

Beyond Azaria: Black Light White Light, Michael L. Chamberlain


Media Values: Christian Perspectives on the Mass Media., Daniel Reynaud

Books from 1997

Cooranbong, First Town in Lake Macquarie, 1826-1996: A History including Martinsville and Dora Creek, Michael L. Chamberlain

Books from 1996


The Bible as Literature, Daniel Reynaud