When God Calls, Expect Adventure

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Hawkes, L., & Watson, B. (2012). When God Calls, Expect Adventure. Victoria, Australia: Signs Publishing Co.

ISBN: 9781921292699

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Lester Hawkes always knew he was going to be a missionary. He just didn't realise it would happen so soon! When the call came in 1945, he and Freda married quickly and set off for Papua and New Guinea, known to the world for crocodiles, isolation, tribal fighting and amazing cultures. From coral-fringed Papua to the incredible Highlands of New Guinea and remote Pitcairn Island, Lester and Freda worked tirelessly to cure disease, relieve superstition and share their love of God as medical missionaries. Through it all they discovered that answering God's call really does lead to incredible adventure. [from book cover]


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