Overcoming the Abject through Proxy in Flanagan's The Sound of One Hand Clapping

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Fernandez, J. (2010). Overcoming the abject through proxy in Flanagan's The sound of one hand clapping. In H. T. Sternudd & A. Tumini (Eds.), How does it feel? Making sense of pain (pp. 173-190). Oxford, England: Interdisciplinary Press.

ISBN: 9781848880504


Book summary from publisher's website:

"How Does it Feel?" is an anthology of writings about pain: pain as physical experience and as a construction in different contexts - and contexts of difference. The contributors contemplate suffering as it is mediated in pain narratives, in literature and in images, including video and film, and reflect on how pain is experienced and communicated as suffering, agony or pleasure. A multi-faceted view of pain emerges through analyses from historical, medical and philosophical standpoints.


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