Lake Edge

Richard Morris, Avondale College of Higher Education
Aaron Bellette, Avondale College of Higher Education


Semi submerged detritus along with tangled rows of flotsam and jetsam have inspired this exhibition of photographs and assemblages by artists Aaron Bellette, and Richard Morris. Bellette and Morris, focus their attention on the thin tidal edge of Lake Macquarie for their latest works, taking inspiration from the discoveries and unique perspectives afforded by this undulating environment. Works are a response to the tidal strip of land, that occupy the edges of Lake Macquarie’s intertidal zone as an unique environment. Morris’s paintings and assemblages explore the linear geography of this intertidal zone, made up from both its linear trajectories of washed up items, and distinctly eroded shoreline. Bellette's photography explores the transient nature of the tidal flow, depicted through long exposed imagery.