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Collis, A. (2014). 45s sleeves/labels [Gouache on canvas]. Art Studios Co-operative, North Gosford, Australia.


190502 Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)


The small works art prize at the Gosford Art Studios stipulates works must be
200mm x 200mm. The size of the canvas suggested to me that of old vinyl 45
rpm. Records. I recollected with nostalgia and detail, the aesthetic and
emotion associated with such discs of my youth. I produced two gouache on
canvas images. One which shows snippets of the cheap paper sleeves in
which 45s were packages – the logos and colours of the labels,; the second
shows snippets of the actual labels themselves. To anyone who lived through
the period (50s,60s in particular) and remembers these things with great
affection, the snippets are clues and triggers, a cue to the true ‘fan’, the tip-ofthe
iceberg of many fond stories from youth.
The two images trigger these emotions.


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