Exploring the King Family: ANZAC Heritage

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Reynaud, D. (Writer), & Hamilton, M. (Director). (2015). Exploring the King family [Television series episode]. In G. Przybylko & G. Kent (Producers), Anzac Heritage. Sydney, Australia: It is Written Oceania/Adventist Media Network.


190204 Film and Television| 210303 Australian History (excl. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander History)| 220401 Christian Studies (incl. Biblical Studies and Church History)


A report on the reach, audience and effectiveness of SDA Hope television channel showed that its audience was predominantly composed of retired conservative SDAs. One of the top-rating programmes among them was It Is Written Oceania (IIWO).

IIWO’s mission statement claims that it ‘is a deeply spiritual ministry passionate about communicating the Gospel to the world.’ However, while also broadcast on commercial television, it is confined to the 3.30 and 4.30 am slots on two major commercial networks.

The purpose of this research project was to explore the form and content required to make an episode of IIWO which meets both the spiritual ministry mission of IIWO and at the same time appeals to a mainstream Australian audience during daytime screenings.

This episode was an attempt to personalise a presenter and tell a story from his wife’s family’s past. It focused on her Anzac heritage.


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