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Morris, R. (2017). Nasturtium landscape [Enamel on plywood]. Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia.


190502 Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)


The painting Nasturtium Landscape - enamel on plywood and recycled timber, 30cm x 30cm, exhibited in Flores et Fructus, 2017 at the Robin Gibson Gallery, was formed by amalgamating both pre-painted panels, and recycled timber which had an existing patina of brush strokes, into a ‘loose’ grid formation. The work did not utilise an aesthetic of overlapping, nor did it follow a strict grid for its configuration. The aesthetic outcome was however, indebted to a methodology of ‘fitting’ by which sections of the work had to be adjusted in shape to align with neighboring components. Given the vibrant orange colour of the top half of the work, and the long horizontal alignment of it to the bottom of the work, the notion, or illusion of a optical horizon can be seen to exist in the work, and thus the works title.


Used by permission: the artist