The Effectiveness of Australian Film Propaganda for the War Effort 1914-1918

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This article was originally published as: Reynaud, D. (2006). The effectiveness of Australian film propaganda for the war effort 1914-1918. Screening the Past, 20. Retrieved from http://tlweb.latrobe.edu.au/humanities/screeningthepast/20/australian-film-propaganda.html


Film propaganda is common in modern societies, especially in times of crisis such as wars and revolutions, as well as being a mainstay of totalitarian regimes. From commercial advertising to political propaganda during election campaigns, there is a general acceptance of the value of expending large sums of money and great energy on persuading the general public to a particular point of view. However, these assumptions deserve to be challenged. A study of the success or failure of wartime cinematic propaganda in Australia during the Great War, suggests that it is more likely to follow public opinion than to lead it.


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