Beating-the-Odds on Enterprise Growth in Peripheral Regions

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Kriz, A., Hessell, T., Barnes, L., Kriz, A., & Molloy, C. (2018, June). Beating-the-odds on enterprise growth in peripheral regions. Paper presented at the International XXIX ISPIM Innovation Conference, Stockholm, Sweden. Abstract retrieved from https://www.ispim-innovation.com/events


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Few academics have the chance to enter a region’s innovation system’s “sandpit” and “dig” through the multiple layers. This paper with its participatory action research and action learning approach provides such a narrative. There is a lack of research investigating SMEs in the mature phases of growth and more particularly when key decisions are being undertaken. This paper reports on findings of such a study using a macro-meso-micro level ecosystem perspective. Management theory is increasingly accepting that action research does provide appropriate levels of rigour. Vividness of this peripheral systems experience will hopefully encourage others to follow. We find interesting insights along the way including that real change stems from innovation in the SME family leader more than finding triggers in the firm. Changed innovation management outcomes through observing such deeper seated rationales helps fill an important gap.


Used by permission: the author(s) and the International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM)

At the time of writing Timothy Hessell was affiliated with the University of Newcastle, Australia.