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Howson, K. & Kinnen, M. (2014, July 6-8). The application of a portfolio in financial accounting: An experimental approach. Paper presented at the Accounting Education Interest Group Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand.


150103 Financial Accounting


The use of portfolios as part of an education program is well documented with extensive applications in the secondary and elementary school environment. Portfolios are seen to a lesser level in the university sector. This study traces the implementation of a portfolio in a financial accounting class in a degree program. An explanation is provided of the various tools used to assess progress by students including the final evaluation and reporting method. An assessment of this particular approach shows mixed results. Some recommendations are made for further consideration. The paper should be of interest to accounting educators interested in alternative approaches to engaging their students.


Used by permission: Accounting & Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand Conference (AFAANZ)

At the time of writing Keith Howson was affiliated with Avondale College as a Conjoint Faculty.

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