This collection showcases published research affiliated with the Christian Education Research Centre (CERC)


Submissions from 2018


Wellbeing Notebook: New Idea or Old Wisdom?, Beverly Christian


Are Christian Schools Really Christian? Perceptions of Final Year Pre-service Teachers in Australia, Beverly Christian and Peter Beamish


Transforming Classroom Practice, Deb Cooper and Beverly Christian

Following Jesus Projects The Impact of a Short Term Venture to the Holy Lands on Christian Educators, Phil Fitzsimmons, Julie-Anne Heise, Sherene J. Hattingh, and Paul Hattingh


A Health Check of Avondale's Distance Education Program: Where Have we Been? Where are we Going Next?, Jason Hinze, Maria T. Northcote, Peter W. Kilgour, Beverly Christian, and David Bolton


Breaking the Silence: Connecting and Strengthening the Voices of Christian Early Childhood Professionals in Australia through developing Communities of Practice aligned with the aims of the Australian Early Childhood Christian Educators Association, Sharon Kaye Judge

"Seeing What the Hunger is": Current Criticism on Australian Poetry, Andy Kissane, David Musgrave, and Carolyn Rickett

Puppetry for EQ A study into how the use of Puppets can Impact the Emotional Intelligence of Students at Year 4 Level, Andrew Matthes

STEM Goes Outdoors – Integrating Outdoors, Nature and STEM into Christian Schooling, Andrew Matthes, Beverly Christian, and Sandra Ludlow


Theological Education in Australia: The Past and Present as Possible Indicators of Future Trends, Robert K. McIver


Relationships Effecting College Students’ Perception of Family Influence Impacting their Health and Lifestyle, Kayla J. Nicholas, Kayla M. Soptich, Amy Tyson, Graeme H. Perry, Samuel P. Abraham, and Deborah R. Gillum


Integrating the Scholarship of Teaching, Learning and Assessment into One Institution’s Homegrown Professional Learning Resources, Maria T. Northcote, Anthony Williams, Kevin Petrie, Jack Seddon, and Sherry J. Hattingh

Bullying in Faith-based Schools A comparison of Bullying in Adventist Schools to the General Population, Kevin Petrie

Integration of Faith and Learning Avondale Students’ Perceptions of how they Believe Faith and Learning is Integrated at College, Kevin Petrie, Phil Fitzsimmons, Julie-Anne Heise, and Sherene J. Hattingh

The Impact of Faith Development Activities on Self-Reported Measures of School Climate, Kevin Petrie, David McClintock, Gary Marsters, and Peter Lindsay

Investigating the Reasons why Missionaries Return Home Early. Project 1: development of an International Service Employees’ (ISE) Permanent Return (PR) Survey that will investigate reasons of early PR of some missionaries to their home divisions Project 2: focus group (FG) research on why ISE from NAD apply for PR and leave their mission fields after relatively short term of their mission experience, Kevin Petrie, Anthony Williams, Jason Morton, Paul Race, and David Tasker


Financial Disclosure by Australian Residential Aged Care Providers: Are They Suffering Dementia?, Erin Poulton, Lisa Barnes, and Frank Clarke

The Alzheimer's Approach to Financial Disclosure: The Case of Australian Residential Aged Care Providers, Erin Poulton, Lisa Barnes, and Frank Clarke


Mindset, Perseverance, and Learning, Alysia Ryan and Peter Beamish

Christian Early Childhood Educational Leadership. This research project explored the beliefs, values and practices of four leaders of CEECCs in New South Wales, Australia from four different denominational groups. Using the tools of grounded theory in a three-round hermeneutic dialectic, the question of whether Christian faith was integrated into their practice was examined; and if so, how this was done, Marion Shields

Head, Hand & Heart: Attitude Change in Pre-service Teachers. Within the field of education, the literature indicates a resistance by teachers to having children with special needs in their classes, despite its mandated status. This project assesses the attitudes of pre-service primary and secondary teachers towards the inclusion of students with special needs both before and after a unit on inclusion, Marion Shields


The Time of Crisis and Prophetic Visioning, John Skrzypaszek


David's Triumph, Brad Watson


Getting on the Online Education Train: The Journey of a Small Higher Education Institution, Anthony Williams and Maria T. Northcote


The Virtual Mentor Program: An Initiative to Support First-year Students and Students at Risk, Anthony Williams, Maria T. Northcote, Peter W. Kilgour, and Ben Stewart

Submissions from 2017

Connecting Children to God through Nature: Why we Should and How we Can, Beverly Christian

Nature-based Learning in Christian Schools: Essential Element or Optional Extra?, Beverly Christian

Primary Pre-service Teachers' Perceptions of Course Related Factors that Enhance Instructional Self-efficacy, Beverly Christian

Are Christian Schools Really Christian? Perceptions of Final-year Pre-service Teachers in Australia, Beverly Christian and Peter Beamish

Wellbeing Education for Educators A Report of a 10 week Wellbeing Intervention with a Cohort of Christian College Students, Jason Hinze and Darren Morton

Tracking the Efficacy of the Encounter Adventist Curriculum: A Longitudinal Investigation in Purposively Selected Australian and New Zealand Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Peter Kilgour, Phil Fitzsimmons, and Bev Christian

Old School or Cutting Edge? An Examination of Ellen White’s View on Education from a Best Practice Twenty-first Century Viewpoint, Peter W. Kilgour and Beverly Christian

Solomon Island Government Funding of Adventist Schools A history of the introduction of and reactions to government funding of Adventist schools in the Solomon Islands, Peter W. Kilgour and Joseph Pitakia

Australian Government Funding of Adventist Schools A history of the introduction of and reactions to government funding of Adventist schools in Australia, Peter W. Kilgour and Anthony P. Williams

Perceptions of Mission Held by Teachers in Seventh-day Adventist Schools in Australia and the Solomon Islands, Robert McIver and Peter W. Kilgour

Creative Works from 2011


David's Revenge, Brad Watson

Creative Works from 2009


Finding David, Brad Watson