Submissions from 2020

To spread the gospel to the community, Sallyanne Dehn

Submissions from 2019

Celebrating Mihai Eminescu: 130 years of Immortality, Daniel Reynaud

Cinema and History, Year 9-10 workshop, Daniel Reynaud

Educate Year 12 students about WWI Western Front through wargaming, Daniel Reynaud

Informing Ploietsi audience of issues in Australian history and culture, and of Romanian poetry translation project, Daniel Reynaud

Informing radio audience of Romanian poetry translation work, Daniel Reynaud

Presentation of significance of Romanian poetry to English speaking audiences., Daniel Reynaud

Presenting results of Romanian poetry translation project, Daniel Reynaud

Presenting results of Romanian poetry translation project, Daniel Reynaud

Presenting Romanian poetry translation project to local audience, Daniel Reynaud

Presenting Romanian poetry translation project to local audience, Daniel Reynaud

Presenting Romanian poetry translation project to local audience, Daniel Reynaud

Reading Soldier Diaries, Year 11-12 workshop, Daniel Reynaud

The Western Front 1915-18, Year 11-12 wargaming workshop, Daniel Reynaud

Bilingual poetry anthology launch, David Tasker

Submissions from 2017

SDA Church (Victoria) Policy Review, Warrick R. Long

South Pacific Division of SDA Church Review, Warrick R. Long

Submissions from 2016

Volunteer, Andrew Collis

'Reconciliation' Show 2016, Andrew Collis, Richard Morris, and Maria Watson-Trudgett

CPA Australia Mentor, Warrick R. Long

SDA Aged Care (NNSW) Ltd Director, Warrick R. Long

SDA Church (Victoria) Consultation, Warrick R. Long

Professional Collaboration: STEM Research with Kempsey Seventh Day Adventist School, Andrew Matthes

Blue Haven Community Project: Weekly Volunteering for a Food Bank Outlet Community Project Held at the Blue Haven Community Centre, Richard Morris

Ministry Immersion Experience, Cook Islands, Michael J. Parker Pastor

Relationship Seminar for Avondale Married Students, Michael J. Parker Pastor

Public Presentation, Daniel Reynaud

School Presentation, Daniel Reynaud

Sermons and Bible Studies, Marion Shields

Avondale Green Week Supervisor, Brad Watson

Chair, South Pacific Division Working Group on Family Violence in the Pacific, Brad Watson

Consultancy Review of Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s project WASH for Craras, Luca and Uma Quic Project., Brad Watson

Gender Based Violence Advocacy Supervisor - One Mission, Brad Watson

Submissions from 2015

Volunteer-Children's Ministry, Beverly Christian

Volunteer-Free Health Checks, Beverly Christian

Gosford Community Art Show, Andrew Collis

‘Reconciliation’ Show 2015, Andrew Collis, Richard Morris, and Maria Watson-Trudgett

Coordinator of collaborations with the School of Nursing and Atoifi Hospital and Atoifi School of Nursing in the Solomon Islands, Sonja Dawson

Pathfinder Leader (Rangers Group), Sherry J. Hattingh

Committee Member: North NSW Conference Executive Committee / Director NSWC Church Company, Wendy Jackson

Director - The Promise, Aleta King

Performance: Avondale Conservatorium Performance Diary 2015: National Tour to Melbourne & Brisbane, Aleta King and Claire Howard Race

Division CCMF Ltd. Director, Warrick R. Long

Risk Management Services WHS Survey, Warrick R. Long

SDA Church in the South Pacific Accounting Methods Technical Committee Member, Warrick R. Long

Member-Adventist Schools Australia, Sandra Ludlow

Member of the Planning Team for the Inaugural Australian Christian Early Childhood Educator’s Association Conference, Sandra Ludlow

Avondale School: Festival of Faith Speaker, Andrew Matthes

Blue Haven Seventh-day Adventist Church: Sermon, Richard Morris

Table Coordinator at CHIP Health and Wellbeing Program, Morisset, Michael J. Parker Pastor

TV Documentary: The Kiwi Chaplains, Daniel Reynaud

Sermons, Lynden Rogers

South Pacific Division Museums and Archives Project, David Wilson

Fundraising for ICC Cambodia, Zorana Wong

Submissions from 2014

Involvement with National Heads of Counsellor and Psychotherapy Educators, Paul Bogacs

Regular Guest Speaker Appointments, Paul Bogacs

Chair of Committee- Sub-committee of SDA Special Character Working Party, Beverly Christian

Member – National Curriculum Committee, Beverly Christian

Member of Australia New Zealand SDA Encounter Curriculum Committee, Beverly Christian

Puppetry Team Mentor and Guide, Beverly Christian

Complete Health Improvement Program, Linda Cloete

Volunteer - Mercy Ships International, Sonja Dawson

Avondale Brass Band Solo Horn and Assist in Taking Sermons with the Band, Kevin C. de Berg

Small Group Prayer Fellowship Leader, Kevin C. de Berg

Avondale College Church Elder, Kayle de Waal

Preaching, Kayle de Waal

Director LAMP, Director One Mission, Facilitator StormCo, Guest speaker Morisset High School & Guest Speaker at Archeology Community Event in Warnambool. Co-Facilitator of Mentoring Group Be Someone to Somebody, Wayne French

Greater Sydney Conference of the SDA Church - Health Advisory: Health Advisory Committee Member 2014- 2016, Tamera Gosling

Fundraiser for ADRA Blossom Project (Vanuatu), Sherry J. Hattingh

Sabbath School Leader, Sherry J. Hattingh

Sermon, Sherry J. Hattingh

Coordinator: MOTO International Teaching Practicums in Cambodia for 3rd and 4th year BEd Students, Jason Hinze

Local Church Elder and Leadership Team Member, Wendy Jackson

Preaching- 12 Sermons or Presentations in Australia, Wendy Jackson

Hills Adventist College STEM Consultant, Peter W. Kilgour

Member of ISCE (Independent Schools Centre of Excellence) Executive at the AISNSW (Association of Independent Schools of NSW), Peter W. Kilgour

School Council Member at Kempsey Adventist School and Coordinator of STEM Research, Peter W. Kilgour

National Tour to Easterfest, Toowoomba, Qld, Easter 2014 (The Promise were invited as guest artists to perform for Easterfest, Australia’s largest Christian Music Festival) International Tour to New Zealand with Institute of Worship, September 2014 The Promise collaboration with James Morrison, Aleta King

SDA Aged Care (Greater Sydney) Ltd Audit Committee Chair, Warrick R. Long

SDA Aged Care (NNSW) Ltd Finance and Audit Committee Member, Warrick R. Long

Seventh-day Adventist Church (SNSW) Ltd and SDA Schools (SNSW) Ltd Audit Committee Chair, Warrick R. Long

Early Childhood Professional Experience Council, Sandra Ludlow

Member Early Childhood Teacher Education Council, Sandra Ludlow

Volunteer-Avondale College Church, Sandra Ludlow

Adventist Aviation Association (AAA) Church Program Western NSW, Volunteer, Andrew Matthes

Avondale School: Parents and Friends Association President, Andrew Matthes

Avondale School: School Council Representative, Andrew Matthes

Cooranbong Public Primary: Scripture in School Volunteer, Andrew Matthes

Coordinator: MOTO International Teaching Practicums in India for 3rd and 4th year BEd Students, Andrew Matthes

Lakeside Seventh Day Adventist Church: Church Elder, Andrew Matthes

Review of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Western Provence (Daru) in Papua New Guinea., Brett G. Mitchell

Voluntary Member of Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control Research Committee, Brett G. Mitchell

Member of the Board of Directors of the “Seventh-day Adventist schools (NNSW) Ltd’ Company, Peter Morey

The Complete Health Improvement Program (CHIP), Darren Morton

Ministry Immersion Experience Borneo, Malaysia, Michael J. Parker Pastor

Preaching, Michael J. Parker Pastor

Avondale College Church and Local Churches: Contributing Music to Events, Kevin Petrie

Preaching, Kevin Petrie

Sermons, David Potter

Volunteer Collector for ADRA Australia, Paul T. Race