Towards Engaging Students in Curriculum Transformation: What are the Effective Characteristics of Rubrics?

Anthony Williams, Avondale College of Higher Education
Maria T. Northcote, Avondale College of Higher Education
Jason K. Morton, Avondale College of Higher Education
Jack Seddon, Avondale College of Higher Education


This grant seeks to unpack the current use of rubrics in tertiary assessment, research the design of rubrics in collaboration with students, and disseminate ideas and recommendations. Our aims are to develop:

  • a model of collaborative rubric practice (including design, use and moderation of rubrics)
  • cross disciplinary case studies of collaborative rubric practice
  • practical, research-informed recommendations for how to engage students in the collaborative process of designing, using and moderating assessment rubrics.

This published paper below is not connected to the grant but illustrates an ongoing interest in rubric construction and application. Bev Christian and Peter Kilgour have constructed professional development placement rubrics that have aided school-based student mentors to guide and assess students. This has been done in conjunction with Sydney University and Charles Sturt University medical imaging departments.

Kilgour, A., Kilgour, P., Gerzina, T. & Christian, B. (2014). Assessment of work-integrated learning: comparison of the usage of a grading rubric by supervising radiographers and teachers. Journal of Medical Radiation Sciences, 61(1), 22-29.