Role Playing: A Smorgasbord of Learning Types

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Kilgour, P., Hinze, J., Petrie, K., Long, W., & deBerg, K. (2015). Role-playing: A smorgasbord of learning types. International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research, 3(1), 11-24. Retrieved from http://www.auamii.com/jiir/Vol-03/Issue%201/2Kilgour.pdf

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This project looked at role play in tertiary education and was able to explore across disciplines at Avondale where role-play type activities were being used and with the help of other academics, amalgamate these ideas into two papers in an international journal - the paper listed in this record as well as:

Kilgour, P.W., Reynaud, D., Northcote, M., & Shields, M. (2015). Role-playing as a tool to facilitate learning, self-reflection and social awareness in teacher education. International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research, 2(4), 8-20. Retrieved from http://www.auamii.com/jiir/Vol-02/issue-04/2Kilgour.pdf


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‘First published in the International Journal of Innovative Interdisciplinary Research .