Consultancy Review of Adventist Development and Relief Agency’s DR Tilt and ADHDRR Projects in Nepal

Community Engagement Type

Consultancy Review

Publication Date


Rate of Impact

3 High Impact


A $5,001 grant was provided by ADRA Australia to conduct an evaluation of disaster risk reduction pilot projects in partnership with ADRA Nepal.

Community Engagement/Service Learning activity utilised 8 IPDS students and the lecturer to conduct a End of Project evaluation of Disaster risk reduction projects undertaken by ADRA Nepal. The 3 week consultancy included 2 weeks of fieldwork and project visitation that culminated in a consultancy report to ADRA Nepal.

The rate of impact evaluation was used by ADRA Nepal to position ADRA as a leader in Disaster Risk Reduction activities and led to successful funding for further DRR activities.

National / International


ACE Classification

Ace Plus

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