This collection showcases research published by Avondale affiliated staff from the School of Education in book form.


Books from 2022

Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment: In Celebration of Teaching, Peter Williams and Kirsty Pearce

Books from 2021


Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment: Evidence and Impact, Bev J. Christian and Peter W. Kilgour

Books from 2020


Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment: Making a World of Difference, Peter W. Kilgour and Beverly Christian

Books from 2019


Revealing Jesus in the Learning Environment: Experiences of Christian Educators, Peter W. Kilgour and Beverly Christian

Books from 2018

Live More Happy: Scientifically Proven Ways to Lift Your Mood and Your Life, Darren Morton

Books from 2017

Handbook of Research on Humanizing the Distance Learning Experience, Maria T. Northcote and Kevin P. Gosselin

Books from 2016

TATAL Talking about Teaching and Learning: Teaching Philosophy Workbook, Stuart Schonell, John Gilchrist, Robert Kennelly, Coralie McCormack, Maria T. Northcote, Gesa Ruge, and Geoff Treloar

Books from 2014

Niños con fe : Cómo transmitir creencias y valores cristianos en las aulas del siglo XXI, Barbara J. Fisher


Live More Active: Activate Your Life for Good, Darren Morton

Books from 2013


Basic Literacy and Numeracy, Marion Shields and Lorinda Bruce

Books from 2010


Building Self-Efficacy for Classroom Effectiveness: Australian Teachers' Perspectives, Beverly J. Christian and Peter Morey


Developing a Faith-based Education: A Teacher's Manual, Barbara Fisher


Preservice Nurses' Understanding of Fluid Dynamics: Explanations in Relation to Breathing, Blood Flow and Related Phenomena., Cedric Greive, Kevin C. de Berg, and David Treagust


The 'Stitch' Story: Epidemiology and Aetiology of Exercise Related Transient Abdominal Pain, Darren Morton

Books from 2009

What Are Classrooms Like When Children Are Sorted By Ability: Australian Mathematics Classrooms, Peter W. Kilgour and Anthony Rickards

Books from 2006


Seven Secrets for Feeling Fantastic: A Proven Plan for Vibrant Living, Darren Morton