Basic Literacy and Numeracy

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Shields, M., & Bruce, L. (2013). Basic literacy and numeracy. Broadbeach, Australia: Barlow.

ISBN: 9781921333460

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This book has been specifically designed to provide a simple, no-frills, combined self-help textbook and workbook in basic literacy and numeracy.

Basic literacy and numeracy are integral to education and almost any career in our busy western world. However, some people find that when asked to write or compute they have gaps in their knowledge of which they were quite unaware. These ‘gaps’ might be due to absences from school at times, or even inadequate teaching on some topics!!
So, fear no longer!

Grammar (those verbs!), punctuation (the dreaded apostrophes!), spelling (some of the most commonly used and frequently misspelled words), decimals, algebra, percentages, geometry, measurement and fractions (plenty of horrors there!) are all explained simply and clearly. Each has its own practice exercises with answers later on in the book.

Throughout, the text has been written in a deliberately informal style to attempt to overcome negative attitudes and demystify these topics, which for some students are unnecessarily worrying. Pre-service primary and secondary teachers have trialled the materials over three years, and many comment that it’s the first maths or grammar textbook that explains the facts simply and hasn’t frightened them!

A special section also addresses the wonderful range of applications available through the internet (games, practice sheets, quizzes, video clips, interactive resources, iPad and iPhone apps) from Australia and around the world. [from publisher's website].


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