At the Core of Creativity: The Conditions of Learning and the Conditions of Connectivity

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Fitzsimmons, P., & Lanphar, E. (2014). At the core of creativity: The conditions of learning and the conditions of connectivity. In E. Xeni (Ed.), Creativity in educational research and practice (pp. 19-27). Oxford, England: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

ISBN: 978-1-84888-308-6


130399 Specialist Studies in Education not elsewhere classified


The aim of this chapter is to discuss the findings of a longitudinal international study that sought to understand the ‘habitus conditions’ that had the potential to give rise to creative experiences. The notion of habitus was used as a key axiomatic lens as it carries the sense that the patterns of thinking and predispositions to be creative arise out of deep familial patterns of ‘connectivity’. Through a series of qualitative-narrative projects adolescents and adults who were either immersed in creative experiences or who had demonstrated creative output were asked to reflect on the sources of these experiences.


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