Applying Contemporary Early Childhood Theory & Pedagogies to the Process of Intentionally Scaffolding Children's Emergent Spiritual Awareness

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Ludlow, S. (2014). Applying contemporary early childhood theory & pedagogies to the process of intentionally scaffolding children's emergent spiritual awareness. In L. Tolbert (Ed.), Exploring and engaging spirituality for today's children: A holistic approach(pp. 243-256). Eugene, OR: Wipf and Stock.

ISBN: 978-1-62564-122-9


130102 Early Childhood Education (excl. Maori)| 130211 Religion Curriculum and Pedagogy


This chapter reviews literature on contemporary early childhood theory, and pedagogy, and uses it to suggest implications for best practise in nurturing children’s spiritual awareness and faith formation in faith -based early childhood settings. The paper suggests alternative pedagogies to traditional approaches overreliance on whole group Bible story pedagogy for three to five year olds. Reflections on lived experiences will be used to illustrate the findings of the literature review.


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