Missing in Action: Looking at the Humanisation of Online Higher Education Through a TPACK Lens

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Northcote, M. (2015). Missing in action: Looking at the humanisation of online higher education through a TPACK lens. In M. Swe Khine (Ed.), New directions in technological and pedagogical content knowledge research: Multiple perspectives (pp. 57–82). Charlotte, NC: Information Age.

ISBN: 9781681231051


130103 Higher Education| 130202 Curriculum and Pedagogy Theory and Development| 130306 Educational Technology and Computing| 130313 Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators

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The TPACK Framework (Mishra & Koehler, 2006) has become a valuable tool for analysing teaching, learning and course design. Teachers use TPACK as a guide to meaningfully integrate ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) into their work while developing varied types of teacher knowledge. The usefulness of TPACK has extended into online university teaching contexts which have sometimes been regarded as lacking a sense of belonging or as being dehumanised and disinviting. To reverse this trend, Reeves and Herrington (2010) have called for a greater emphasis on student engagement in university courses while Salmon (2013) has appealed for more focus on the actions of online teachers and students.

In response to these calls, this chapter uses the TPACK Framework as a lens through which online course design literature is viewed to extract practical principles for the development of personalised, interactive and humanised online courses. By drawing on research about online presence and emotionality, aspects of online education that have yet to be explored in conjunction with TPACK, the chapter offers educators a set of humanising online course design guidelines to promote engagement and satisfaction while also contributing to our understanding of TPACK.


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