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Bolton, D., Mildenhall, P., Sim, K. N., Lounsbury, L., & Northcote, M. (2016). Engaging students in the use of technologies for assessment within Personal Learning Environments (PLEs): The development of a framework. Paper presented at the 33rd International Conference of Innovation, Practice and Research in the Use of Educational Technologies in Tertiary Education, Adelaide, Australia. Retrieved from


130103 Higher Education| 130306 Educational Technology and Computing| 130313 Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators

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Higher education students use a wide range of information and communication technologies for personal and study purposes, collectively known as a Personal Learning Environment (PLE). The ways in which students use technologies to prepare and complete assessment tasks, however, has not been researched as much as their general use of technology. This paper reports on the process adopted to develop a research-informed framework to engage higher education students in the use and evaluation of technologies for assessment purposes within their PLEs. The method used to construct the framework is presented alongside recommendations for how the framework may be used by lecturers and students.


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