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Northcote, M., & Huon, G. (2009). From small to large hits: Spreading the online message to academic and administrative staff via strategically-targeted development activities. In K. Fernstrom (Ed.). Readings in Technology and Education. Paper presented at the International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education (ICICTE), Corfu Holiday Palace Hotel, Kanoni, 9-11 July, (pp. 858-869). Corfu, Greece: ICICTE.


130103 Higher Education| 130306 Educational Technology and Computing| 130313 Teacher Education and Professional Development of Educators


This paper reports on how a university is implementing a capacity-building academic staff development program using a three-pronged approach that draws on adult learning, social learning and capacity-building literature. This approach was designed to enable staff to provide engaging and pedagogically sound online experiences for the students at the University of Newcastle, NSW Australia. Data have been gathered throughout the implementation of this program to evaluate its impact and to inform future refinements of the program. The paper concludes with reflections from staff facilitating the program about the challenges, successes and future of the program.


Used by permission: International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education

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