A Sri Lankan Tea Plantation Nursery

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Ormsby G. (2014). A Sri Lankan tea plantation nursery [Digital image]. Joanne Felk Gallery, Cooranbong, Australia.


190502 Fine Arts (incl. Sculpture and Painting)

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Each time you have a cup of tea, think about the toil that has gone into the production of the tea leaves. Women make up most of the workforce, who labour for years from the early age of twelve. Their ethnic origin is Indian Tamil, brought to Sri Lanka as labourers, denied citizenship, an education and their human rights, and forced to labour long hours in the plantation for little financial gain - a few cents per day. Overcrowded housing, the lack of suitable sanitation and water supplies creates an environment for domestic violence. They are imprisoned by circumstance, worse than a jail sentence in Australia.

However, the compassionate efforts of non-government organisations have brought a glimmer of hope for some communities. This day-care nursery ensures that these babies and young children acquire some focused attention, a “breath” of opportunity that might trigger a change in their circumstance.

They deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and grace.


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