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Watts, J. (2006). Reflections on prayer. Ministry: International Journal for Pastors, 78(12), 8-11. Retrieved from

ISSN 0026-5314


From a Christian perspective, living can be described as the continuous worship of God in a universe that has a sacred origin. Spiritual relational worship means offering oneself as a living, holy sacrifice, acceptable to God (Rom. 12:1). Prayer has much to do with restoration for living or abiding in God. The spiritual photosynthesis enables us, as spiritual beings, to regenerate throughout life by preserving the sacred and separating from the profane. Far from being a ritual, prayer is a way of life—as breath is to the body, so prayer is to the soul. Without spirituality (in simple terms, a personal encounter, engagement, and resultant saving relationship with God), prayer cannot survive. Without prayer, spirituality cannot survive.


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