Religious Affiliation Influences on the Health Status and Behaviours of Students Attending Seventh-Day Adventist Schools in Australia

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Craig, B. A., Morton, D. P., Kent, L. M., Gane, B., Butler, T. L., Rankin, P. M., & Price, K. R. (2018). Religious affiliation influences on the health status and behaviours of students attending Seventh-day Adventist schools in Australia. Journal of Religion and Health, 57(3), 994-1009. doi:10.1007/s10943-017-0495-9

ISSN: 1573-6571


1117 PUBLIC HEALTH AND HEALTH SERVICES| 130106 Secondary Education| 220405 Religion and Society

Avondale Research Centre

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Students attending Seventh-day Adventist (Adventist) schools in Australia have been shown to have better health status and behaviours compared to secular norms, yet these schools cater for a high percentage of non-Adventist students. The purpose of this study was to investigate the influence of religious affiliation (Adventist/non-Adventist) on the health status and behaviours of students attending Adventist secondary schools in Australia. The sample included 1734 students who responded to a health and lifestyle survey that captured demographic details, self-reported height and weight, self-reported health status, mental health and select health behaviours. Students who identified themselves as Adventist reported significantly better health behaviours than the non-Adventist students in several behavioural domains, especially among the male students. However, this did not translate to a difference in health status. Further research is needed to understand the causal mechanisms responsible for the potential health advantage of Adventist students, which may include family or church religious influences.


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