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Cozens, M. E. (1999). Fostering the self-esteem of children with reading difficulties: A Christian approach. In H. Rasi (Ed.), Christ in the classroom. Paper presented at the International Faith and Learning Seminar, Andrews University, Berrien Spring, (pp. 41-58). Silver Spring, MD: Institute for Christian Teaching.


This paper seeks to promote a Christian approach to nurturing the self-esteem and improving the academic performance of children with reading difficulties. First, research findings concerning some of the causes and consequences of reading failure will be discussed in more detail. The next section of the paper will briefly discuss some of the implications of the secular humanist approach to improving student performance through the enhancement of self-esteem, before outlining principles for nurturing self-esteem and improving academic performance, which are consistent with a Christian worldview. This will be followed by a brief description of a research project, based on Christian principles, which was designed to improve the reading performance of poor readers at upper primary level.


Used by permission: Institute for Christian Teaching

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