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Millar, R., & Rieger, W. (2002). Pastoral care and service learning: A thai case study. Journal of Christian Education, 45(3), 49-60.

ISSN: 0021-9657


Pastoral care and service learning have been given considerable attention by some schools over the past decade, especially in the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia and New Zealand, in both the private and government sectors. School websites often prominently display pastoral care policies or references to pastoral care. Given the increasing social problems that are affecting student learning in many developed countries, the notion of 'care' or 'caring' has become an important aspect of the mission of schools. While educators who are Christian have long held to the practice of caring as part of their Christian philosophy of education, the needs of the contemporary generation of students present new challenges that require creative strategies and carefully planned effort by schools.


This article is reproduced from the Journal of Christian Education, Volume 45, Number 3, 2002, pages 49-60. The article is covered by copyright and is reproduced by permission of the authors and the Australian Christian Forum on Education (publisher of the Journal of Christian Education). Further information may be found in the Journal’s website

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