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Christian, B. J. (2009). Developing a nexus between Christian worldview and the social sciences in pre-service teachers. Journal of Christian Education, 52(2), 66-77.

ISSN 0021-9657


This article is about a study which was undertaken to ascertain whether primary pre-service teachers' perceptions changed as a result of learning (within a Social Science Curriculum Studies unit) about the nature and composition of a worldview and its implications for professional practice. More specifically, were there any changes in pre-service teachers' perceptions in relation to: a) prevalence of individuals in the general population holding a worldview; b) competence to articulate a personal worldview; c) the impact that a teacher's worldview may have on subject content taught; and d) the importance of understanding worldview formation in the teaching of Social Science.


This article is reproduced from the Journal of Christian Education, Volume 52, Number 2, September 2009, pages 66-77. The article is covered by copyright and is reproduced by permission of the authors and the Australian Christian Forum on Education (publisher of the Journal of Christian Education). Further information may be found in the Journal’s website

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