Christian Higher Education and Students with Diverse Beliefs: Impacts and Challenges

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Fall 2016

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Celic, E., Christian, B., & Matthes, A. (2016). Christian higher education and students with diverse beliefs: Impacts and challenges. International Christian Community for Teacher Education, 11(1), 1-11. Retrieved from https://icctejournal.org/

ISSN: 1932-7846


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The ethos, mission, and values of Christian Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) are usually grounded in a biblical worldview. Increasingly, Christian HEIs are attracting students who do not share the faith espoused by the institutions they attend. This qualitative case study explored the perceptions of six final-year education students with different belief frameworks to those of the Christian HEI they attended. They were interviewed to determine their perceptions of the transparency of the ethos, mission, and values of the HEI, the impact of the HEI on their lives, and the challenges they faced as students. The data revealed some positive impacts and some challenges for both the students and the Christian HEI and identified an overarching factor that moderated the identified tensions.


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