The Meaning of this Hour: Teaching Higher-Rrder Thinking as a Pathway to Better Learning Outcomes and Behaviour Modification

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A rapidly changing society has created the need for a new kind of graduate. The workplace is looking for conversance in higher-order thinking and emotional intelligence. While the predisposition of the student has been seen to be a significant factor in a students' ability to engage in higher-order thinking, much can be taught and enhanced by teachers well versed in higher-order thinking pedagogy. There are a variety of teaching and learning approaches, including transfer, critical thinking and problem-based learning. However, common to them all is the need to develop students' metacognition. There is also a need for the teacher to set assignments that focus on essential questions that extend students beyond their acquired knowledge. To be sure, well thought through questioning is more likely to result in well-though through answers. Metacognition can also be a pathway to improved behaviour and can form the basis of a dialogue for self-awareness and behavioural improvement. Therefore, higher-order thinking development is a pathway for both intellectual and behavioural maturity. This work enhances the theoretical base for whole school and individual teacher engagement in teaching higher-order thinking to achieve better learning contexts and outcomes.


Lewis, J. (2022). The meaning of this hour: Teaching higher-order thinking as a pathway to better learning outcomes and behaviour modification. TEACH Journal of Christian Education, 16(2), 53-58.

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