NURS50800 Evidence-Based Practice Unit Evaluation

Publication Date



Master of Nursing degree Unit evaluation: Quality rated based on PG Evaluation of Study Unit Questionnaire (ESUQ)

Details of Project or Exemplar

NURS50800 Evidence-Based Practice

Rate of Impact

3 High Impact

Impact or Dissemination

ESUQ: Average Score= 4.8/5

Overall, student feedback was very positive


Students enjoyed the content of this subject. The assessment items in particular were very helpful in cementing a practical grasp on the importance and implementation of EBP projects in the workplace. Students were confident that this new knowledge would be most useful for future application in in the workplace. Excellent subject content and feedback. Encouragement from the lecturer was “invaluable.”

The study package was very helpful in directing learning goals and outcomes for this subject. The unit convenor also very helpful and communicated well through emails and phone calls to make sure the students achieved the learning outcomes. “Thanks Avondale”.

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